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International Department
Residential Broker
Since its foundation, Master's Corporation has been supporting embassies, local affiliates of foreign and domestic firms, and foreigners who seek residence in Tokyo, and we have developed a strong trust in our ability to provide affordable and comfortable homes for the international community.
In recent years, people have come to Tokyo from all over the world-not just Europe and America, but from Asia as well. This globalized sensibility is reflected in the signs hanging in train stations, which are not only in English but in Chinese and Korean as well. Japan’s realestate system-such as key money, deposits, rent, guarantors is also beginning to be influenced by globalization. Master's Corporation is committed to serving the overseas community navigate this system.
Master's Corporation offers its clients a competitive range of services: prompt housing searches, lease negotiation, procurement of lessees, and management and maintenance of buildings for lessors.

Services of The Maintenance Department

Facilities & Equipment
We give guidance on the use of facilities & equipment (e.g., air conditioners, washing machines and dryers, fire extinguishers) When tenants have a problem with the facility or with the equipment, we contact the owner and have them check and arrange for proper engineers and repairmen ASAP.
We also do small repairs.
Move-In and Move-Out Inspection
We conduct the move-in and move-out inspections in order to facilitate smooth return of the deposit.
Bilingual Support
We provide English translation of any building announcements, etc.
We can apply for connection of utilities, proof of parking permits, etc. on behalf of tenants.