Contract process of rental property

1. Inquiry
Our office is always open with hundreds of rentals in Minato-ku and Denenchofu areas. All you do is just call us or E-mail us. Our experienced bilingual staff will guide you from your first call all the way through your move-in, making sure your time and convenience always come first.
2. Viewing
We will show you a properties which might suit your specific needs. If you happen to be overseas, we can also send you photos and videos.
3. Application
If a specific rental crosses your mind, just tell our agent who first contacted you. They will immediately get in touch with the landlord. Our agent will also request you to fill in our application form.
4. Contract
Our agent will work hard to recommend terms which satisfy both parties. They will draw up a sample contract, have both parties go over it carefully, and after necessary adjustments, request both parties to sign the final lease contract .
5. Move-in
We will provide you with all the specifics of your eventual move-in. Our staff will witness your actual move-in and record and photograph all necessary items. This will assist you, when you move out, to accomplish your recovery obligation.
Contract process of rental property Contract process of rental property